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* We reserve the right to cancel any group that does not meet the minimum number of students


How do I pay for my Spanish course?

Once you have sent your registration request, when the group is complete, we will send you the bank information of the University so that you can make a transfer and pay for your course: $ 3,600.00 MXN

How do I pay for my material for my Spanish course?

To speed up the process of delivering your access code to the material and platform of your course, after you have received the confirmation of the group opening, you can purchase and pay directly at the following link:

The cost of your access license is 17.36 euros with a validity of 1 year.

We leave you a support instruction to make your purchase on the Edinumen page.


How do I start my course?

After completing your registration, paying for your course and obtaining your access license, your teacher will contact you by e-mail to send you an invitation to join your online class.

We are waiting for you! 
If you have any questions, please contact us.